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chico's call.

Happy 2023! We kicked off this year with a donation drop that encompasses everything we love - senior dogs bouncing back from a health scare, being able to assist animal shelters thanks to the suppawt of kind people, and most importantly, how a little can go a long way when we collaborate for a great cause.

Last Thursday, Lucky Lucy Foundation (LLF) published

a Facebook post detailing how one of their precious senior dogs, Chico (pictured), suffered heatstroke as a result of soaring temperatures. Thanks to LLF's attentive staff, Chico's condition was quickly noticed and he received life-saving veterinary attention as soon as possible. After a tense night fighting for his life, Chico came out on top! He was released from the vet the day after admission, medication in tow.

Knowing that the summer heat will continue to increase, LLF proactively put out Chico's Call - a request for people to collect and donate large bottles and ice cream tubs. LLF will freeze these and place the ice in the dog water bowls and shells, allowing them to stay cool. We came across this call and knew that we could find a way to act as the middle man (middle mutt?) and lend a helping paw.

Our friends at Antonio's Pizza Place immediately responded to DDFD's request, and generously gave us over 400 5-litre buckets and lids for Lucky Lucy! On Sunday, these were loaded up and taken to Lucky Lucy's farm - which, we can confirm, was already swelteringly hot by 11am. It's been some time since we visited LLF in person, and it was a privilege to deliver this donation and bear witness to how the farm has grown to accommodate the 396 exquisite cats and 171 beautiful dogs in residence.

To Antonio's, both DDFD and LLF send you the biggest of thanks for your kindness and willingness to assist. DDFD is grateful for another opportunity to carry out our mission - to bridge the gap between animals in need and those who can help them. To everyone else - Chico is still available for adoption through Lucky Lucy Foundation!

With puppy love,


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Photo of Chico supplied by Lucky Lucy Foundation.


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